Blood Irradiation

Blood Irradiation - A Cure for Ebola BI is very effective remove viral and bacterial pathogens from the body, and a life saver in cases of antibiotic resistance. Blood Irradiation (BI) works by triggering a photochemical reaction that cleans and revitalizes the blood, accelerating the healing process within the entire body. The device systems and methods used to execute treatment can be very different. There are two common wavelengths of light primary used, UV and red, each responsible for different biochemical actions.


LED and Laser Biostimulation
Biostimulation uses light to accelerate the healing of injured tissue, decrease inflammation and swelling, reduce pain and increase circulation by quickly bringing cells back to their natural state. Currently, biostimulation is the only known successful treatment for diabetic lesions, and in some cases, can save peoples’ limbs.